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NCM Associates LiveAudit

Know where your money goes®.

Protect your assets and give yourself the most precious commodity of all: peace of mind.

LiveAudit®, NCM’s cloud-based, automotive expense management system offers complete visibility to dealership cash flow, allowing you to see where your hard-earned dollars are going. It monitors all bills, payments and expense requests, learning from spending trends. If it notes an anomaly, such as a payment that exceeds the norm, LiveAudit immediately sends you an alert.

Secure your dealership’s financial future.

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Discover the power of complete visibility:

  • Prevent fraud with billing anomaly alerts
  • Monitor ALL rooftop expenses side by side, no matter their franchise
  • Cancel unwanted contracts BEFORE they renew
  • Track pay plan and other compensation expenses

Get real-world financial context.

LiveAudit is more than just a budgeting tool. Developed for dealers by dealers, it organizes all your financial information in a useful and easily understood format. Plus, it learns from your business, alerting you to suspicious spending that could impact your bottom line.

Take a peek at a few of the reports available through LiveAudit. Click the images below to enlarge.

Discover the truth about your expenses.

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Understand every transaction:

  • Compare multiple rooftops, side by side
  • Track financial data by brand

Keep an eye on the bottom line—at your desk or on the road.

Because dealership expenses don’t take a vacation, LiveAudit is designed for use on any web-enabled device. Get spending alerts while traveling. Approve requests on the lot. View invoices on the go. If you need it to make a financial decision, LiveAudit makes it available on the fly.